MozzaRisella Sticks


Tasty frozen Mozzarisella filled fingers with a crispy batter full of flavour with paprika and turmeric.

​Perfect for a healthy snack or an innovative main course.

​They do not contain milk, lactose and eggs.

​Keep in freezer between -18° C and -6°C


FILLING:Mozzarisella – vegan recipe with germinated whole rice 45% [BioSurice 46% (water , whole rice sprouts 20,8%, apple vinegar, salt), water, cold pressed coconut oil, sunflower seeds oil infused with oregano, lemon juice, agar agar, arabic gum, xanthan gum, carob tree seeds flour].

BATTER: wheat flour, sunflower seeds oil, rice flour, salt, yeast, spices: paprika, turmeric.


Oven bake: set temperature to 180°C, place your Croquettes on an oven tray previously lined with oven proof paper and leave to cook for approximately 14 minutes.

​Pan fry: heat up a generous amount of evo oil in a frying pan. Cook from frozen for around 2/3 minutes each side until golden crisp. Remove from pan and absorb excess oil with kitchen paper before serving.


  • Date : August 23, 2018
  • Tags : Ready Meal