Rice cultivation originated in the ancient Far East, later expanding to the Western European territory. In Italy, rice has been known for long, and it was historically sold in the spice market in Venice (La Serenissima) as a special food for health and wellness.

Whole grain rice is a food item recommended by a large number of nutritionists for its numerous virtues and nutritional values.

Whole grain brown Rice is nutritionally better than the polished or dehulled ones. Brown Rice still has its germ, found under the hull, which contains important vitamins, that are lost during the milling process.

We activate  whole grain brown rice seeds, of Italian origin, through the natural method of sprouting, using spring water straight from the heart of the Lessinia Natural Park of the Little Dolomites.

We use the sprouts, right at the moment  they are brimming with vital nutrients, transforming the sprouted brown rice into a delicious and well balanced “rice milk” that we call BioSuRice. Laboratory analysis has shown this plant based milk to contain many important, valuable ingredients and nutrients.

Amino acid composition and micro nutrient content in BioSuRice are similar to that found in human breast milk with 22 aminoacids, 8 of which are essential.

Brown rice has been used for a long time in cases of asthenia and convalescence, as it is nutrient-rich, refreshing and easily digestible. In its sprouted form, it is composed of a multitude of micronutrients.

Whole grain brown rice also contains good levels of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibers, and it is a good source of  oligominerals such as: phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium. All of these contribute towards maintaining a proper balance in the organism and take part in a vast number of reactions serving as co-catalysts sustaining the correct functioning of the metabolism of energy. Many metabolic pathways are supported by ingredients present in BioSuRice: essential aminoacids, compounds that we have to absorb through the diet, or γ-oryzanole, a well known and recognized molecule which has positive effects on the lipid and cholesterol metabolisms.