Food safety is a topic of fundamental importance in food production.

For MozzaRisella, consumer safety and respect for customer needs is a constant objective, which is why we adhere to international voluntary certifications to guarantee our constant commitment to improve.


The EU Organic certificate guarantees that all the production phases, both of the raw materials and of the finished product, comply with the standards in force in the European Union (EC Reg. 834/07 and EC 889/08). All organic products are prepared with certified organic ingredients. Furthermore, in the production process, the use of any substance derived from GMOs, preservatives, colorings and flavourings of a chemical nature is not allowed.


The BRC food safety standard is a global mark recognized by thousands of customers worldwide. There are over 18,000 BRC certified companies in 100 countries throughout the world. The British Retail Consortium (BRC), representing the major British retailers, has developed a technical standard to ensure that the products bearing this mark are produced according to precise quality standards and minimum requirements. The application of the BRC is therefore a necessary condition for export and a recognized instrument for guaranteeing company reliability.


The IFS Food standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for audits of food industries. The goal is food safety and quality of processes and products. It concerns the food processes of the anufacturing industries and industries that pack loose foods. IFS Food applies when the products are “processed” or where there is a risk of contamination of the product during primary packaging. The Standard is an important reference for all food industries.


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), that is the body that in the USA deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products, sets the guidelines that the industries of the sector must follow to export their goods to the United States. The FDA-issued certificate confirms that all standards set by the governing body are met.


The Kosher certification is issued to companies such as ours who fulfill the religious dietary rules and are followed by orthodox Jews. This certification is issued by authorized rabbinic associations that guarantee compliance with strict quality standards in the production process and in the ingredients used. The high rigidity of these standards guarantees a product of high quality, purity and authenticity, not just for consumers who follow the Jewish religion, but for those who want a healthy product.