Mozzarisella is a great innovative project for the development and production of 100% vegetable food products.

Mozzarisella is passion and true innovation in the field of natural nutrition. Tasty products taken from the Italian culinary tradition prepared with high quality raw materials and without using any animal derivative, for the maintenance of our health, for psycho-physical well-being, for environmental sustainability and for the love of all animals.


  • The need to find valid and healthy plant alternatives;
  • The intent to not exploit any animal;
  • Respect and protection of the environment.


Through the support of sustainable agriculture experts, researchers and nutritionists who have spent over ten years researching unique innovations in the food sector, our intention is to offer an ever-expanding range of 100% plant-based products with high quality constantly in the foreground.

Customer’s health and passion for innovation combined with respect for the environment are at the center of our vision.

The rediscovery of the unique value of whole grains as a primary food for humans and for maintaining health has led us to resume the ancient values of rice cultivation.


Continuous and passionate search for new tasty dishes always using safe ingredients of the highest quality and made following criteria of environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and respect for crops and animals.


We have recovered original methods of sowing and harvesting that respect the territory, studied the importance of the sprouting phase of the grains of organic brown rice to obtain the uniqueness of our base to create fresh 100% vegetable alternatives.

This innovative and incomparable process keeps all the nutritive and vital elements of the grains they come from intact and complete.

Being aware that changing our dietary habits can be beneficial to both humans and animals and the environment is the foundation of self-growth and is and will continue to be the driving force behind continuous research to improve ourselves. This is our Mission!

By eating well you can live better and longer while respecting the whole planet!