Mozzarisella medium-hard


In our plant-based range, it is the most consistent product, the perfect alternative to seasoned cheese. Naturally free from gluten, animal derivatives and allergens. Its firm structure gives it a captivating, appetizing and full-bodied taste, reminiscent of the flavors of the past. Like any other plant-based alternative, it is easy to digest

Mozzarisella spreadable classic


Mozzarisella Spreadable Classic is, like all our plant-based alternatives, a vegan product free from any animal derivatives and allergens. It contains no preservatives or colourings. Find it in the chilled fresh departments of the best organic supermarkets. During its production, no chemicals or synthetic molecules are used and the main ingredients are

Mozzarisella smoked


MozzaRisella Smoked is a 100% fresh pasteurized plant-based alternative and is preservative free. Its main ingredients are all natural and certified by the European Regulation for Organic Agriculture, so no chemical substances or synthetic molecules are used. The natural flavorings we use are strictly declared free of animal-derived substances and are therefore

MozzaRisella Classic


Mozzarisella is a delicious preparation based on sprouted brown rice, produced exclusively with ingredients from Organic Farming and for the preparation of which no preservatives, chemical substances and synthetic molecules are used. It is a well balanced plant-based alternative, with a delicate taste and a refreshing effect. It is produced from sprouted

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