Here at MozzaRisella we carry out the mission of finding what’s best for people and nature. Herbicides used in soil have the ability to temporarily increase production, however, their use comes with consequences. The fields, products, and the air get polluted. Organic agriculture offers a fundamental step in creating safety and transparency. It ensures that what gets on the plate has been kept away from chemicals and is as natural as possible.

The power of the brown rice sprout

Germinated cereals are an example of the extraordinary ability of nature to produce energy. Germination (sprouting) is a natural process thanks to which a flow of energy, necessary for the plant to grow, activates and enables the transformation of a nutrient: the seed, in a super nutrient: the sprout. Sprouts are more nutritious, easier to digest, help the body to function properly and alkalise the acidification of the body.

The germination process triggers the seed genetic program, which activates to give life to numerous biochemical reactions. This, in turn, this brings the nutrients to a state of better digestibility, complex carbohydrates are transformed into simple sugars and the enzymatic elements activate. Because some dynamics typical of the digestive processes occur prior to food consumption, they are particularly suitable for children, the elderly, and for debilitated bodies in general.

It is during the transformation of the reserve substances present in each seed that the numerous and complex biochemical transformations that give the sprout its wealth of substances occur. It becomes a true concentrate of nutrients that are easier to digest and assimilate by the body – this is why germinated cereals and legumes are much more digestible than the seeds of origin.

Back to nature

This innovative and incomparable process allows us to keep intact all the nutritive and vital elements of the grains they come from. We are aware that by changing our eating habits we can bring benefits to humans, animals, and the environment. We believe that by eating well, you can live better and longer in respect of the whole planet.

The rediscovery of the unique value of whole grains as a primary food for mankind and for the maintenance of health has led us to take back ancient values of rice cultivation. For these reasons we have recovered original methods of sowing and harvesting respectful of the territory and studied the importance of the sprouting phase of organic whole rice grains.

We aim to offer 100% plant-based products with a guarantee and focus on quality and tastiness, thanks to the support of experts in sustainable agriculture, researchers and nutritionists, who have led, in more than ten years of research, to unique innovations in the food field.

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